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“Ensuring we have a sustainable business is critical to our overall strategy. We are committed to evaluating the environmental, social and governance impacts of our operations and focusing on developing sustainability strategies that create value amongst our broad group of stakeholders.”

Douglas Thompson, Managing Director and CEO

Corporate governance

As an ASX-listed foreign company, Coronado must ensure ongoing compliance with relevant Australian laws and regulations, including the ASX Listing Rules and certain provisions of the Corporations Act. As a U.S. public company, Coronado is subject to the reporting requirements of the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and other applicable securities laws, rules, and regulations.

Our approach to corporate governance is underpinned by a structure that meets or exceeds the disclosure requirements of the SEC and the ASX, whilst complying with local laws and regulations.

Environmental, social and governance structure

Our board of directors and each of the standing committees have specific responsibilities relating to ESG and sustainability matters. There are also several internal working groups, which meet regularly on key areas of importance. The initiatives undertaken by these working groups, and progress made against strategic initiatives, are reported regularly to the board of directors via the relevant committee.

Board of directors

  • Health safety environment and community committee
  • Audit governance and risk committee
  • Compensation and nominating committee

Executive leadership team

Tracks the company’s ESG performance, reports to the board committees on ESG projects and initiatives and climate and sustainability strategies.

Supporting sustainability working groups

  • Reconciliation action plan working group (Australia)
  • Central emissions group (global)
  • Modern slavery working group (global)
  • Safety development group (U.S.)
  • Safety leadership team (Australia)


Our operations have on-ground subject matter expertise to implement and monitor sustainability strategy, defining and reviewing site-level targets and initiatives and driving performance.