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We play a critical role in building a sustainable future

Our motto represents the fact that the met coal we deliver to our customers is an essential element in the production of steel.

We believe that we have a critical role to play in building a sustainable future as the global demand for met coal continues to grow to support the world’s transition to renewable energy infrastructure.

Coronado is a leading metallurgical coal producer and trusted supplier to the global steel industry. Metallurgical coal is an essential ingredient in the production of steel, which is the most utilised metal in the world and an essential material underpinning social and economic growth. Steel’s strength and durability make it critical in the construction of major infrastructure projects (including renewable energy infrastructure), transportation technology, electrical equipment, and everyday household goods such as appliances.

As the world’s population continues to grow and urbanise, steelmakers and their suppliers will play a vital role in providing quality products that support a wide variety of uses well into the future. When iron is combined with carbon, recycled steel, and other elements, it is transformed into a much stronger material called steel which can be 1,000 times stronger than iron.

Steel and sustainability

Steel is used in almost every aspect of the world’s infrastructure, including buildings, bridges, rail systems and houses, as well as in motor vehicles and everyday white goods. It is also essential to electric vehicles and wind turbines and is a critical component of other low-carbon technologies such as hydro, solar and nuclear energy. Met coal is therefore recognised as an essential building block in the world’s transition to renewable energy and a low-carbon economy.

Met coal’s long-term future

Total global steel production is forecast to grow by 15% to 2.2 billion metric tonnes by 2050. While electric arc furnace (EAF) technologies and other steel production methods will continue to grow over time, the overwhelming production method for steel in 2050 will still come from blast furnace production, primarily in Asia.

Australian and U.S. met coals are generally of a higher quality (more efficient, less carbon intensive), therefore supporting lower emissions from steel production than the most of coal sourced from other locations around the globe. 

Coronado is extremely well positioned to meet this growing demand, with reserves in the top met coal locations in the world, long-life operating assets in excess of 20 years and met coal resources exceeding 2 billion metric tonnes. This strong reserve and resource base, and the fact that Coronado sold 12.0Mt of met coal in 2023 (which accounted for 91.4% of its revenue), underpins our position as the premier pure play met coal business on the ASX.

Steel production is forecast to grow by 15% by 2050

Curragh’s CHPP incorporates cutting-edge technology to improve productivity and yield

We are currently investing in expansion works at our Buchanan mine complex

Steelmaking coal for the future

Steel is a core component of renewable energy solutions such as solar and wind farms, electric vehicles and other low-carbon technologies. It is also 100 percent recyclable, making it a uniquely sustainable material.

The uses of steel span almost every aspect of the world’s infrastructure:

52% buildings including hospitals and schools
16% mechanical equipment
12% automotive
10% metal products
5% other transport
3% electrical equipment
2% domestic appliances

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