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Safety and health

The health and safety of Coronado’s people is reinforced everyday through our culture, which is developed via our behaviours, training and procedures.


The safety of everyone who enters any of our work locations is Coronado’s absolute priority. We manage safety through continuous improvement efforts and implementation of the practices and procedures that address safety first, in full compliance with the legal and regulatory framework of both the U.S. and Australia. We empower our people to consistently strive to have a safe mindset, and act by applying, managing, and monitoring effective controls to prevent adverse outcomes with all activities and operations.

Safety initiatives: Australia

Our Curragh mine has a Safety Health Management System (SHMS) that forms part of the Site Senior Executive’s responsibilities. Managers at the mine must implement the SHMS and, collectively with their teams, uphold the requirements of the SHMS every day. All employees, contractors and visitors must adhere to Curragh’s SHMS when attending or working at Curragh mine.

The SHMS is reviewed and audited periodically to ensure it is effective. The auditing process is done formally as well as via our people having authentic conversations about safety via our leadership program, FELT Leadership.

Australian operations have implemented the following initiatives:

SHMS documents have been reviewed to align to best practice and commenced a redesign of SHMS framework to align to ISO45001.

Our Life Saving Rules were introduced to set clear expectations about safety behaviours in the workplace. They apply to all employees, contractors and visitors in all areas of Coronado’s Australian operation and offices.

FELT Leadership is a leadership approach that emphasises the importance of authentic engagement, personal connection and purposeful action. The continuation of our FELT Leadership program in 2022 included the implementation of targeted activities and tools designed to support leaders having meaningful safety conversations.

13 fatal hazards and supporting critical control verification material were finalised and implemented in 2022.

Our virtual inductions and training in SHMS documents have simplified processes and records storage management.

Our contractor management systems have been redesigned, separating commercial and safety management activities, to improve compliance to SHMS and legislation, contractor onboarding and records management.

Safety initiatives: United States

All employees, contractors and visitors must adhere to the site-specific workplace health and safety management rules, policies and protocol when attending or working at any of our U.S. operations.

Our recent initiatives in the U.S. include:

A recent focus within U.S operations has been on safety training and education. Availability of skilled labour to fill vacant roles has been a significant challenge, particularly at our Logan operations, where the labour market is incredibly competitive. This necessitated the recruitment of new miners, often with little or no knowledge of underground mining.

As we hired and trained new miners with no previous experience, or miners from other companies who did not necessarily have the operational standards required by Coronado, we developed a new miner training program – the Red Hat Program  – which allowed for six months of on-the-job training and weekly debriefs with mine management.

My Safety / My Decision sessions have been delivered throughout our U.S. operations. These sessions are intended to encourage operator participation in safety-related initiatives and assessment, building the Coronado safety culture and clarifying expectations.

During the sessions, open communication is encouraged to gain feedback from our employees on their ideas to improve safety processes and to ensure that any concerns or potential hazards are freely discussed.

Health and wellbeing

We provide our employees with facilities, services and information which will help foster improvements to their health and wellbeing.


In Australia, we have:

  • provided employees and contractors with access to nutritionists, skin cancer checks, flu vaccinations and physiotherapy services
  • partnered with Man-Up to deliver a prostate cancer awareness program to our employees through our training and communication sessions and during the Movember men’s health campaign
  • facilitated free access to nutritionists for employees, contractors and their families to promote healthy eating
  • continued to train workplace mental health first aiders (MHFAs), who are employee volunteers trained to offer initial mental health support and who have a passion for raising awareness of mental health issues and initiatives.

United States

In the U.S. we have:

  • facilitated free health fairs for employees and their partners to attend
  • worked with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, who brought staff and mobile health units to our work sites and conducted several different screenings, including fingerstick screening assessing cholesterol levels with immediate results, blood pressure checks and flu jabs.
  • continued to promote our Employee Assistance Program, which was first introduced in 2021 and have worked with the provider to increase our employee’s knowledge of mental health services available to them and their families
  • worked closely with our medical provider to encourage our employees to be proactive about their physical health, educating them on the benefits of early intervention and preventative treatments.