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Culture and values

At Coronado, we strive to embed a culture where our core values of collaboration, accountability, respect, and excellence (CARE) are demonstrated in everything that we do. Our values drive our culture. They guide our decision-making and set the standard for our teams, with safety as a core principle.

To demonstrate the importance of our values, and to ensure that their application is clearly understood and recognised throughout our business, we:

  • Ensure the CARE values are an integral part of our induction and onboarding training for all new starters and all new coal mine workers throughout Coronado.
  • Reinforce the CARE values in our code of conduct and business ethics annual training as the way that we work at Coronado.
  • Embed the CARE values into our performance planning and review process – where the behaviour of all Coronado employees is measured on their alignment to the values, and it is reinforced that how work gets done is as important as the output.
  • Incorporate the CARE values into our appointment process for supervisors.
  • Refer to the CARE values frequently and meaningfully in employee communications and interactions including those from the CEO, managers and front line leaders.

We demonstrate our core CARE values in everything we do

Our values

At Coronado, we CARE for ourselves, our co-workers and our company and that means we always work safely.

The safety of people in our work locations will always come first.


We work together to get
the best outcome


We do what we say we will do and take ownership of our successes and failures


We welcome and value all individuals and understand the value that diversity brings


We maximise our efforts and strive to be better tomorrow than we are today