Mining high-quality metallurgical coal safely and efficiently is what we do; leading with integrity, excellence and commitment to sustainable business practices is how we strive to operate—every day and at every Coronado location.

Our social license to operate is built on trust and we do not take this for granted. The safety of our employees and operations, our environmental management and our engagement with local communities is paramount to building trust. We are committed to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner and supporting the communities in which we operate. These are the pillars of sustainability and are core to our business culture.

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Coronado’s Sustainability Principles

Support the health and wellbeing of our people by maintaining a safe workplace with the ultimate goal of zero harm.

Respect our environment by minimising the impact of our business activities and rehabilitating affected landscapes.

Be a valued and active member of the local communities in which we operate by delivering economic benefit and engaging in an open and transparent manner.

Build teams of engaged and motivated individuals that understand the positive social and economic relevance of what they do.

Operate fairly and equitably with suppliers and customers and generate superior and sustainable returns for security holders.