Coronado Global Resources Inc. (ASX:CRN) is a leading international producer of high-quality Metallurgical coal (Met coal), which is an essential element in the production of steel. Our coals, transformed in the steelmaking process, support the manufacture of every day steel-based products – including steel needed for the manufacture of renewable energy infrastructure. Coronado is one of the largest Met coal producers globally, supplying customers on five continents with a range of high quality coals.

Our mining operations and development projects are located in Queensland, Australia and in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia in the United States (U.S).  We are committed to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner and supporting the local communities in which we operate. 

Coronado’s management team has extensive global experience with blue-chip resource companies and a successful track record of building and operating coal mining operations in Australia, the U.S. and globally. Our operational experience is backed by a strong knowledge base of domestic and international coal markets. Coronado was listed on the ASX on 23 October 2018.


Using state-of-the-art mining equipment and techniques, Coronado produces high-quality Met coal from three mining complexes, in two of the largest and most productive metallurgical coal basins in the world—Queensland’s Bowen Basin and the Central Appalachian region of the U.S.

In Queensland, Australia, we own the producing Curragh complex, located in the Bowen Basin, and in the Central Appalachian region in Virginia and West Virginia, in the U.S., we own the producing Buchanan and Logan complexes (Greenbrier is currently idle). These safe and efficient mining complexes comprise eight active and highly productive coal mines with immediate access to transportation infrastructure. Coronado is one of the lowest cost and most reliable sources of a suite of Met coal products which are sought after by steelmakers and merchant coke plants around the world, supporting our position among some of the top Met coal producers by volume to the export market globally based on 2021 production.

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