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U.S. operations

Our three operations in the U.S., located in the Central Appalachian region in Virginia and West Virginia, are:

  • Buchanan complex
  • Logan complex
  • Greenbrier complex

Buchanan complex

Logan complex

Greenbrier complex


Buchanan emissions reduction

Our ongoing emissions project at Buchanan mine has reduced our carbon footprint.

Since being commissioned in July 2022, 264,850 tCO2e has been eliminated from the Buchanan mine complex via the VAM project.

Phase two of the project includes the installation of additional RTO units in 2024, with the aim of:

  • cutting Buchanan mine’s emissions by approximately 60% by 2030
  • cutting Coronado’s overall emissions by more than 30 percent by 2030.

Mon Valley

Coronado plans to develop a new underground met coal mine in southwest Pennsylvania. Met coal from this proposed Mon Valley mine will ultimately be produced from the Upper Freeport Coal Seam safely, cost-effectively and environmentally responsibly.

Mon Valley retains 134 Mt of marketable met coal reserves. We anticipate that the project will:

  • create a significant number of new permanent jobs in the region
  • have a minimal footprint of surface facilities
  • supply high-quality met coal to U.S. customers for the manufacture of steel.

Russell County

Coronado has long-term plans to develop an underground met coal mine complex to mine the Russell County reserve in Virginia in the late 2030s.

The Russell County reserve is comprised of 29.5 Mt of recoverable marketable reserves.

Environmental sustainability

We are committed to extracting high-quality coal in an environmentally responsible way, via our approach to climate, biodiversity and rehabilitation, water, air and waste.

Social sustainability

We continuously evaluate the social impacts of our operations, improving safety and health, and the rights and wellbeing of our people and the communities in which we work.