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Supplying to Coronado Global Resources Inc.

Our suppliers are very important to us and play a critical role in supporting our operations.

Our supply chain encompasses a broad range of products and includes contractors, subcontractors, consultants as well as suppliers of goods and services.

We work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure a shared understanding of our commitment to safety, sustainability and diversity, and to drive alignment with our Company’s core values which are Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.  We are committed to providing a fair evaluation and selection process that is applied to all prospective suppliers.  Preferred suppliers to Coronado will be able to access a range of tools, information and support which are in place to ensure consistently high standards are achieved.

Coronado’s U.S. operations  use their current supplier processes. For all queries relating to US suppliers, please contact us.

Supplier use of the Coronado brand

The use of Coronado’s name, logo or any other associated trademark must be approved by Coronado prior to use.

Please complete the Coronado logo request form (AUS & US Applicants).