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Community grant fund applications

Coronado has an annual community grants budget available to eligible organisations and groups who make a very direct contribution to the areas in which we operate (Blackwater, Buchanan and Logan). Funds are available for community organisations, sporting and recreation facilities and educational programs.

Eligibility criteria

  • Groups or organisations must be located in the local area or from a select range of other groups who make a direct contribution to the local community – and will deliver their project, service, or initiative to residents of the local community.
  • Applicants must be either a not-for-profit community-based group or organisation, a school association and/or a non-government organisation.
  • The grants should support a specific purpose which is aligned to Coronado values and any specific community or social focus areas that are determined by the company, and not be an alternative for recurrent operational income requirements.
  • Projects or initiatives deemed to be of a political nature will not be eligible.
  • Applications must be complete and submitted on the official application form.
  • Complete the “Coronado Logo Request Form (AUS & U.S. applicants)” and the “W9 form (U.S. applicants only)“, and upload onto the official application form.
  • Applications must be received by the specified closing period for each respective grant round.
  • Projects, initiatives, and purchases must be completed and acquitted within 12 months of receipt of funds.
  • Successful grant recipients and outcomes are to be jointly promoted to support our collective effort.

Application process

Coronado will allocate a committed amount of funds each year to support community development projects that are active within the region of each of our operations (Blackwater, Buchanan, and Logan).

Several grants will be available across four funding rounds for eligible organisations surrounding our operations. Decisions as to which requests will be supported will be made in March, June, September and December and, to be considered within each round, applications should be submitted by the final day of each:

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November

Applications can be made at any time during the year but will be held until the end of each month noted above at which time a decision will be made on allocation of funds. Any applications placed after these dates will be considered in the next round.

We invite applications from not for profit organisations whose community events or facilities have made a positive impact in the areas of education, social welfare, or community health.

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