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As well as striving to be a safe, reliable, environmentally conscious employer of choice, we also seek to give back meaningfully to the communities in which we operate. This includes:

  • providing ongoing support to local charities, sporting associations and environmental projects
  • sponsoring and conducting educational programs
  • enabling and encouraging our employees, including senior leaders and executives team members, to regularly participate in local activities and events.

Our local community members include:

  • Traditional Owners
  • local residents and businesses
  • Coronado employees, suppliers and contractors
  • local, state and federal government members and elected officials serving the community
  • local community groups
  • business stakeholders
  • some non-resident providers who deliver much-needed strategic services to support the area.
We want to create strong partnerships by sharing knowledge and information about our business, building transparency, participating in community life, and supporting initiatives which make these communities desirable places for our community and workforce to live, work and play.

Supporting local communities

We work closely with local community organisations. We reach out to local councils, schools and colleges, sporting clubs and youth associations to discuss the kind of support they may need, now and in the future. We have tailored our community fund around those needs.

Initiatives have included:

  • sponsoring community events and activities
  • supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education initiatives in local schools ensuring students are exposed to contemporary STEM learning
  • supporting essential health and community services such as the Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service, the publication of the Queensland Police Legacy Child Safety handbook and the Logan Child Advocacy Centre
  • assisting with rebuilding efforts following natural disasters/floods, including repaving roads and repairing buildings and homes
  • contributing food and relief funds to communities in need
  • donating to numerous sporting clubs to promote increased participation in sport and improved health in the communities in which we operate.

As well as supporting local events and facilities, Coronado is committed to seeking out opportunities to work with local suppliers and service providers. Our Australian operations are participating in the Central Highland Resources Roundtable Collaboration Project, which aims to deliver an options study on regional spend, procurement practices and capital movements by large organisations, including resource operations and council specific to the Central Highlands.

Total economic contribution

Coronado also contributes to local communities through the creation of jobs for direct employees, contracting partners and associated services. Our total economic contribution includes taxes, third party royalties, government royalties and salaries and wages.

Cultural heritage

Our team at Curragh works closely with the Traditional Owners of the land on which we operate, the Gaangalu Nation People, within the framework of its Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP). This collaboration has been in place for over 23 years and allows us to preserve and protect cultural heritage within the Curragh project. Under the CHMP, the coordinating committee holds meetings throughout the year to discuss the management, control, and protection of cultural heritage on site.

Coronado’s Reflect RAP includes reconciliation initiatives that will be achieved in partnership with The Gaangalu Nation People, the RAP working group and the cultural heritage working group. We are also members of Reconciliation Queensland, which enables our business to connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and industry peers.

Community grant fund

Coronado has a long history of supporting local organisations, service providers and events. To continue this support in a sustainable and structured fashion, Coronado elected to establish a community grant fund within the region of each of our operations.

These funds will have an annual community grants budget available to eligible organisations and groups who make a very direct contribution to the areas in which we operate. Funds will be available for community organisations, sporting and recreation facilities and educational programs.