Coronado’s U.S. Operations are located in the Central Appalachian region in Virginia and West Virginia and produce a suite of high quality metallurgical coal products.

Our three producing mining complexes in the U.S. are:

  • Buchanan Mine Complex (Buchanan): an underground mine located in Virginia that produced 4.4 Mt of Low-Vol metallurgical coal in 2021.
  • Logan Mine Complex (Logan): one surface and four underground mines located in West Virginia that produced 1.8 Mt of High-Vol metallurgical coal, as well as 0.2 Mt of thermal coal, in 2021.
  • Greenbrier Mine Complex (Greenbrier): production idled complex since April 2020.





The Buchanan Mine Complex is located in the Central Appalachian Basin in southwestern Virginia approximately 16 kilometers southeast of Grundy, and first commenced production in 1983 with longwall mining beginning in 1987.

In 2021, Buchanan was the largest metallurgical coal producing mine in the U.S. CAPP region, surpassing its nearest competitor by 0.53 Mt. Buchanan is one of the lowest operating cost Low-Vol mines in the U.S. as measured by cash cost per tonne.


The Logan Mine Complex is located in the Central Appalachian Basin in the southern West Virginia counties of Logan, Boone and Wyoming. The Logan mining complex has a large reserve of premium quality High-Vol metallurgical coal, complemented by a long history of high quality production.

Logan’s reserves are one of the largest contiguous blocks of premium, high quality, low-cost High-Vol coal in North America.

The thermoplastic (fluidity) properties of the coal produced at Logan make it well suited for coke making and its coal has a well established reputation for quality in both the domestic and export marketplaces.


The Greenbrier Mine Complex is located in the Central Appalachian Basin in southeastern West Virginia approximately 30.5 kilometers northwest of Lewisburg.

This complex has been idle since April 2020 and has been in the reclamation and care position.

Greenbrier has a reserve of high quality Mid-Vol HCC. Its Reserve area has a long history of producing high quality Mid-Vol metallurgical coal with very low ash and mid sulphur.