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Case study

QMEA partnership

In 2022, Curragh mine established a partnership with the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) to support local and regional young students in our community to gain an understanding of the mining industry, and the different career pathways on offer. In the second half of 2022, we supported two major school-based events, engaging more than 65 local and regional students.

Yarbung Rhunga

We also worked with the QMEA to develop a bespoke two-day experience called Yarbung Rhunga (Learning Day).

Focusing on the Blackwater community, 25 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people had the opportunity to interact with a local elder and a Coronado Aboriginal employee to share learnings around culture, careers and country. This included a visit to the mine, which exposed students to real-life technological applications and career paths into the mining sector.

The principal of the Blackwater State High School, Ms Rebecca Godfrey, said the cultural and educational experience gave students an insight into local employment pathways and provided an opportunity to pursue a rewarding career, while staying connected to their land and families.