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Case study

Buchanan County flood relief

Coronado joined efforts to provide relief to local flood victims in our community.

On the night of 12 July 2022, significant rain fell on parts of Buchanan County Virginia in the U.S. An initial damage estimate completed in the days following the flooding found that 33 homes had been destroyed and 60 severely damaged. Amazingly, no one died or was seriously injured. Governor Glenn Younkin toured the area and declared a State of Emergency.

A very difficult clean-up effort began with the American Red Cross United Way of Southwest Virginia.

Coronado was keen to help in any way possible. We:

  • invited affected residents to use our bathing and bathroom facilities, with several families taking up our offer
  • donated water, cleaning supplies and toilet paper
  • loaned a generator to the local public service agency to help get water flowing to the local community
  • released six Buchanan employees from their normal jobs to assist with the repair of water lines and ditches, and undertake mud slide repairs made a sizable donation to the United Way of Southwest Virginia to assist towards the continued support of Buchanan County residents.