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Our people work in an environment that builds their capabilities and empowers them to reach their potential. At Coronado, we aim to drive a culture of accountability and high performance, underpinned by values-based decision making, which is fair, equitable and respectful.
At the end of 2022 we had more than 1,730 employees and 2,320 contractors working across our business in the U.S. and Australia. Since we operate in areas with highly competitive labour markets, it is essential that we have a continued focus on attracting the best people, and ensuring we have programs in place to engage, develop and retain them within our business.

Diversity and inclusion

At Coronado, we understand the value that diversity brings. We recognise that creating a culture that welcomes and values all individuals in paramount to our ability to:
  • attract, retain, motivate and develop the best talent
  • create an engaged workforce
  • deliver the highest quality services to our customers
  • continue to grow our business.

Our current diversity targets are focused on increasing the number of:

  • female employees
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.
We also seek diversity across all areas, including:
  • age
  • cultural heritage
  • sexual orientation
  • ability
  • industry background

Our Inclusion and Diversity Policy  outlines the key principles that underpin our approach:

  • Respect is one of our core values and is the cornerstone of building inclusive teams which celebrate diversity.
  • The company’s recruitment, selection and promotion practices actively encourage diversity and aim to broaden the field of potential candidates for all positions.
  • All company policies, procedures and practices are assessed annually to ensure that anything that could hinder diversity is removed.
  • Leadership review and succession planning programs are structured and implemented to improve diversity.
  • Remuneration levels and benefit availability are continually monitored to ensure any bias is immediately addressed.

We are focused on building a psychologically safe workplace where every individual can bring their true self to work, and where people are encouraged to speak out when they see or feel any behaviour that is contradictory to those principles.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation

Our efforts to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People’s employee participation rates in Australia have been guided by our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP ), which was officially accredited by Reconciliation Australia in 2022.

The RAP builds on our existing relationship with the Gaangalu Nation People, who are the Traditional Owners at Curragh. Our RAP working group includes leaders from across the business who play key roles implementing the RAP action plan. The most critical members of the group are our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee volunteers, who provide guidance on projects and initiatives developed by the working group.

Flexible working

We respect our employees’ wishes to design work arrangements with their other life responsibilities in mind and recognise that this is essential to engaging and retaining our people. We aim to offer flexible work where it meets both business and individual needs.

Coronado’s flexible work options include:

  • flexible time – varying when hours are worked and supporting part-time and job share
  • flexible leave – providing a mechanism for unpaid leave, community leave and career breaks
  • flexible place – enabling work from multiple locations and remote working opportunities.

Training and development

Investing in the skill and capabilities of our people will underwrite our long-term growth and sustainability for our business. We focus on training and development programs which will encourage our employees to grow personally and professionally and enable them to take pride in their work and perform to their potential.

We have continued to invest in training and development programs for new and long-serving employees. As well as increasing our Red Hat Program in the U.S. and trainee program

in Australia, which enable new entrants to the mining industry to be supported and trained, we have engaged our global workforce in critical safety, risk management and value awareness training.


In Australia we have partnered with online training providers Go1 and edX to grow our learning and development offerings and empower our employees to build on their current skills and acquire new ones.

As well as managers being able to recommend or assign courses for their team members to complete, the Go1 platform provides our employees with over 100,000 learning resources that they can access for free in their own time. Our partnership with edX provides access to more than 4000 certified courses from top international universities which employees can request to undertake as part of their annual individual development planning.

In 2022, we provided close to 9,000 hours of training in Australia which was almost 2,000 hours more than the prior year.

United States

In total in 2022, including the Red Hat Program and mandatory operational training, our teams in Buchanan and Logan received approximately 46,000 and 21,000 total training hours respectively.