We recognise that, in order to meet our objectives and ensure a safe working environment, we need to attract the best people, and then work to engage, develop, and retain them within our business.

Coronado employs approximately 1,600 people directly and over 1,800 contractors globally. In both Australia and the U.S., we operate in regional geographic locations with highly competitive labour markets. In each location, we are striving to create a high-performing workforce with a talent pipeline for future leaders, including succession planning for critical roles.

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a culture that welcomes and values all people – one where everyone who works for, with, and along-side us feels safe to be themselves – is a critical requirement for Coronado.

The following key principles, detailed in our Inclusion and Diversity Policy, underpin our approach to diversity and inclusion:

  • Respect is one of our core values and is the cornerstone of building inclusive teams which celebrate diversity. We commend employees who exemplify respectful behavior through our reward and recognition process, and we strongly encourage all employees to speak up if they encounter any behaviours that are inconsistent with our values.
  • The Company’s recruitment, selection and promotion practices actively encourage diversity and aim to broaden the field of potential candidates for all positions. Our leaders are challenged at each point of a recruitment or promotion decision making process to reassess what is considered ‘essential’ for a role, and to question what would make a candidate the ‘best fit’. Managers and leaders are pushed to reconsider traditional mindsets around elements such as industry experience to ensure that unnecessary barriers for diverse candidates are eradicated.
  • All Company policies, procedures and practices are assessed annually to ensure that anything that could hinder diversity is removed.
  • Leadership review and succession planning programs are structured and implemented to improve diversity by upskilling, building awareness of the benefits of embracing an inclusive culture, and developing all of our people to best prepare them for career success.
  • Remuneration levels and benefit availability are continually monitored to ensure that any gender bias is immediately addressed, and strategies implemented to ensure future bias does not occur.

Flexible Working

As a business, we respect our employees’ wishes to design work arrangements with their other life responsibilities in mind and recognise that this is essential to engaging and retaining our people. Across our Company, we aim to offer flexible work where it meets both business and individual needs. Coronado’s flexible work options include:


  • Flexible Time – varying when hours are worked and supporting part-time and job share.
  • Flexible Leave – providing a mechanism for unpaid leave, community leave and career breaks.
  • Flexible Place – enabling work from multiple locations and remote working opportunities.

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