At Coronado, we are focused on extracting high quality metallurgical coal in an environmentally responsible way.

Coal mining is one of the most environmentally regulated industries in the world and it is vital that we consistently meet or exceed relevant regulatory standards. We expect to leave our sites in the same condition, or better than when we found them.


We are committed to managing our environmental performance and we are focused on maintaining our position at the forefront of environmental management in the Australian mining industry. We have an operational focus on managing natural resources, such as water and significant vegetation.

At Curragh we have an established and robust Environmental Management System (EMS), in full compliance with legislative requirements and covering all aspects of environmental management including water, biodiversity, rehabilitation, cultural heritage, greenhouse gas, energy and waste management. The EMS details the environmental controls employed at the site, assists with communication and implementation, and facilitates auditing and review of our environmental performance.



In the U.S. we are constantly improving our environmental performance to meet our rigorous environmental standards. We station at least two engineers at each operating division in the U.S., who actively monitor the mines’ environmental impact and promote and ensure high standards of compliance are met.

Our environmental programs and compliance efforts have been acknowledged by several agencies, including the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and the West Virginia Coal Association.



We recognise that the production of met and thermal coal, as well as coal-fired generation using thermal coal, is associated with greenhouse gas emissions. We are committed to working with other industry participants to support, develop and introduce new coal production and energy-generation technologies, that help reduce the environmental impact while continuing to meet global energy and steel demands.


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