case study

Janet Drabsh

Janet Drabsh, a Mining and Mineral Engineering graduate, first experienced working in the mining industry in the summer of 2006.

Since then, she has progressed her career and had two children. She currently lives in Brisbane and has a shared care arrangement for her daughters.

Curragh’s 7-on 7-off lifestyle roster enables Janet to balance her work and parental responsibilities. Janet “appreciates being able to spend quality time with family on days off and being able to focus on work on days on.”

Whilst on site, Janet has a permanent room in one of Curragh’s villages located in Blackwater. She facetimes with her daughters frequently and receives regular updates via text messages.

As a Senior Engineer, Janet has worked on a variety of projects including optimisation of final dumps, coal haulage, dragline walk roads, dozer push designs, dragline designs, pit design optimisation and final landform designs for the Department of Mines.

Janet has worked with her current manager since she commenced at Curragh in 2012 and their working relationship has continued to thrive through two periods of parental leave and a return to full time employment on the 7-on 7-off roster.

“My manager has a great work ethic and is very understanding and supportive of my need to balance my work and home responsibilities.”